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  • 02/2017 | “Media” tab now contains both videos and CDs.
  • 02/2017 | Video Page; check out the reformatted page at INFORLIFEBAND.COM.
  • 01/2017 | Canadian Music Week 2017; Jim Beam Make History Talent Search submission.
  • 01/2017 | Mitch Aitken acoustic bio added to his profile!
  • 11/2016 | INFORLIFE MUSIC Facebook Group.  You can add friends.
  • 07/2014 | 2 new songs released on; “Love with a Smile” and “Back in Time”.
  • 01/2014 | Geoffery Aitken aired (as an extra) in the series “Klondikes” on the Discovery Channel.
  • 11/2013 | InForLife entered Canada’s Next Great Hockey Song competition ( with “One Step Away”.
  • 10/2013 | InForLife released the video, “Blue” (videoed by Russ Empey (‘Russman’)) as part of the Emerging Artists series, CJAY92 FM, Calgary, AB.
  • 05/2013 | Geoffery Aitken, “Hair Wars“, Calgary, AB.
  • 05/2013 | Geoffery Aitken on set as an extra in the Canadian series, “The Klondikes”, filmed in Alberta, Canada.
  • 03/2010 | Canadian Music Week, Top 10 finalist with the song “Overdrive“, CJAY92 FM.
  • 03/2005 | Canadian Music Week, Finalist; InForLife represented 89X (Windsor/Detroit) at Canadian Music Week, (Montanas, Toronto, ON).
  • CJAY92 FM (Calgary), Emerging Artist Web Series; interview with InForLife (with Ben Jerome) on the song/video Blue.
  •  X92.9 (Calgary), interview on the CB Rocker show.
  • 89X (Windsor/Detroit), Home Boy Show and Canadian X-Ports.
  • Blast 1386, Berkshire, England, interview with Mitchell to include song play.
  • The Rock 95.1 (Windsor/Chatham), continuous play on the Sunday Indie Show. website by Marilyn Murphy.


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