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Geoffery Aitken

Geoffery Aitken


Geoffery James Aitken
August 19, 1982 – April 29, 2019

“Music is not a path, it is a journey of it’s own”.
Geoffery Aitken 2003

Geoff was born in Windsor, ON in 1982.

He has been nick named “Animal” Aitken because of his passionate  drumming style.  Drumming is not his only interest, Geoff has been involved in acting throughout his life.

Recently, he was an extra in the series “Klondikes” which aired on the Discovery Channel in January 2014 (filmed in Alberta May 2013).

Geoff participated in Hair Wars in May 2013, Calgary, AB.


  • Pearl Drum 6 piece kit
  • Ludwig snare
  • DW double kick pedal
  • Zildijan cymbols

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