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Mitchell Aitken


Mitch Aitken December 7, 1983 – April 8, 2020.

He was the predominant lyricist for InForLife.  He started writing at the young age of 10.

Mitch participated in an interview with Blast 1386 Radio Station in Berkshire, England in 2005.  Blast was contacting musicians from other cities in the world that have the same name as cities in the UK (in this case Windsor).  The interview included a 10 minute discussion regarding influences and the song All That You Are from InForLife’s self-produced CD was played.



I originally wanted to record an acoustic album for 2 reason, the first being I have never recorded a full length acoustic album and second reason was that I was writing these batch of songs on the acoustic. I figured since I’m writing these songs on the acoustic I should record them that way. But as time went on I felt my rock influences bleeding through, then I came to the conclusion that most of the songs would actually sound better and I would be able to get my point across better with the rock format.

INFLUENCES being the songs.

Blue – For blue, my role was the lyrics and solo since my brother Jeremy had written the music already. My lyrics were based on a past relationship that I had that turned sour, so it basically describes how I was feeling about the whole situation at the time.

Cold day in December – This song was written along the same lines as Blue but a little different. This song is basically saying that when things are over they are over and by hanging on to something that is over will only cause you prolonged grief, it’s best to just “Throw it all away”.

Love With A Smile – This song is basically about how I try to carry myself in life and that every situation I find myself in the best way to deal with it good or bad is Love With A Smile, if that makes sense.

BACK IN TIME – This song is back to the relationship thing mainly breakups. This song basically tells the story of how one person might feel after a bad breakup and how the memories of something you thought would last effect you, especially when you still see the person because you both have the same circle of friends.



My short term plans are to of course finish the album but in the meantime I’m going to release a single from the album, not completely sure which one yet. This way, I can create a buzz about the album so once I do release it people hopefully will be waiting for it.

Our relationship with CJAY92 and a whole list of other radio stations and personalities is strictly for promotion to get the music out there. The trick is to keep up on your end of it by always sending new music and letting people know what’s new, where you are playing and basically anything that you have going on with your music

Yes we use to record at MCC but now record at Taylor Sound in Calgary AB, the only reason we switched is strictly for the money factor. It’s much cheaper and the quality is just as good.

At the moment I’ve been writing on my own but still jamming with my brothers.


  • Fender Rock Pro amp head with Marshall 1960 lead 4″x12″ speaker cabinet.
  • Prestige Sabre Ibanez and a Les Paul Copy guitar.
  • Gibson LP Copy.
  • Boss DD 3 digital delay.
  • Crybaby Wah pedal guitars.

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